Should You Hire A Social Media Manager?

SLK social media marketing manager While successful small business owners strive to be experts at their craft, they also tend to be versed in almost all other aspects of business.  One common trait of many of these small business owners and entrepreneurs is their versatility.  They understand finance, marketing, payroll, customer relations, advertising, logistics, public relations, and many other skills.   This versatility lends some to question whether or not they need to enlist the help of others in their social media marketing. The question “Why pay someone to do something that I can do myself?”
often pops up with these go-getters. So why not? Why can’t you handle your own social media marketing like you handle the other aspects of your business? The question isn’t CAN you handle your own social media marketing but rather, SHOULD you handle your own social media marketing.  Of course you can do it, and with a lot time and effort, do it well.  Like most aspects of the business world, this is a question of balance. Continue reading

When the Content Runs Dry

content marketing

Content Marketing is the creation and consistent sharing of timely, relevant, and valuable information for the purpose of attracting and engaging a specific audience.

Every thing your business posts on Facebook, Tweets, Blogs, or adds to YouTube,    brands your business and helps it to grow.  This content is the life blood of your social media marketing. So what happens when writers block hits and your content marketing begins to suffer? Try these five quick tips to help improve your content and break content writers block. Continue reading

How to Put Your Cover Photo to Work

6 Tips to Make Sure Your Facebook Cover Photo is Doing Work for Your Business!

Facebook is the still the most influential social media platform out there.  Recent changes to the way Facebook lets your fans see what you post from your business page make it more important now than ever to make that great first impression.  The first visual experience your customers have with your page is the gateway to creating the engagement your business needs to be successful in the social media world. So where do you start to quickly capture your audience from a visual perspective? The Cover Photo! Continue reading

Why Tweet ?

twitter“I don’t do that whole tweeter thing”

Maybe not, but your potential customers sure do!  Forbes recently named Twitter as the fastest-growing social media platform in the world.  That alone should at the very least give you a moment’s pause and the inclination to look into utilizing this in your marketing strategy.  If that, however, is not enough, here are three more common sense reasons your small business needs to have a twitter presence. Continue reading

Darwin in the new Facebook

thumbs up cropThe recent changes to the Facebook algorithm that determines what posts appear on your timeline may do a very good job of frustrating social media marketers and business owners alike, but there are some unintended benefits.  Yes, Facebook is using this to make money, yes they are trying to keep stock owners happy, and yes you may be forced to reach into your pocket to influence your intended customer base, BUT….. Continue reading