Darwin in the new Facebook

thumbs up cropThe recent changes to the Facebook algorithm that determines what posts appear on your timeline may do a very good job of frustrating social media marketers and business owners alike, but there are some unintended benefits.  Yes, Facebook is using this to make money, yes they are trying to keep stock owners happy, and yes you may be forced to reach into your pocket to influence your intended customer base, BUT…..

Darwin at work

With organic Facebook posts reaching somewhere around 3-6% of a page’s fan base, it forces creativity for survival. No longer is it sufficient to just “throw up a post” and have the message be seen, it now takes a developed and strategic approach to the social media marketing aspect of your Facebook business page. The limitations to a post’s organic reach means that those responsible for Facebook posts need to be organized and have a plan on what they post, the photos and videos they use, the links they have, and the timing of these posts. Wisely using even a limited budget to strategically boost posts and increase reach, coupled with an organized marketing plan can work wonders for your business exposure.

Bottom line, this could be the kick in the pants your social media marketing needs, the better the quality of your work, the better the return.  Now you are forced to improve or go the way of the dinosaurs.

Time to diversify

The restricted reach of organic posts also forces businesses to look at expanding their social media marketing to include other social media platforms. While Facebook may still be the king of the social media world, a business is now forced to integrate other social media tools in order to survive. The trick here is finding which of the many social avenues if best for your business.

Bottom Line, branch out to reach out.

Reaching Out

Being a successful small business owner means being a jack of all trades. This means you must be proficient in sales, marketing, production and almost every other aspect of your business world. In the recent past, a small business owner would often tackle the social media world alone, running the business Facebook page and maybe putting up the occasional tweet. More often than not, these individuals have little or no background in social media marketing, or even marketing in general. They may have been able to “get by” before, but to be really successful in this socially connected day and age, they need to be more efficient and more strategic. Keeping up with ever changing technology, and staying current with social media marketing, even for a small business, is becoming a full time job. While at first glance this may seem to be a giant setback for today’s small business owner, in practice it encourages them to reach out and get help.   Finding someone that is proficient in social media marketing to energize the social media aspect of your business, keep management from being bogged down with time consuming posts and help them streamline their marketing plan is a tremendous help in not only driving traffic to your business but in creating a more efficient business model.

Bottom Line, work smarter not harder.  It may be easy to fall into the trap of trying to tackle every problem yourself, but the best leaders know how to delegate to get results.

Let these changes be the catalyst your business needs to move forward in today’s increasing socially media minded world.  Don’t let it hold your business back!


If you are one of the many small business owners that would like to find out more about how to market your business through social media let SLK Consulting help. We will sit down with you and help develop a social media marketing plan that works best for your business. All consultations are free so do not hesitate, contact us today.


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