Why Tweet ?

twitter“I don’t do that whole tweeter thing”

Maybe not, but your potential customers sure do!  Forbes recently named Twitter as the fastest-growing social media platform in the world.  That alone should at the very least give you a moment’s pause and the inclination to look into utilizing this in your marketing strategy.  If that, however, is not enough, here are three more common sense reasons your small business needs to have a twitter presence.

Connect with your customers

There are almost a BILLION twitter users, more than 100 thousand new users a day, with more than 60 million tweets a day.    Do the math, that’s more than 9000 tweets per second.  Twitter is viral! Information reaches your followers instantly and can spread in the blink of an eye.  Television, radio, newspapers, print ads, billboards; none of them have a fraction of the potential reach as twitter.  Promoting new products, running specials or contests, and informing your customer base is faster, easier, more fluid, and FREE!  Connecting with your customers has never been easier. #Connect

Build your Brand

Communication is a two-way street.  Twitt?er not only allows you connect and communicate with your audience, but it also allows you to get instant feedback from them.  This is a perfect outlet to help brand your company.   If nothing else, using twitter demonstrates to your customers that you will not be left behind by changing times and your business is “with it”.  Twitter allows you to instantly show your potential customers who you are and keep that information current and continuously on their minds.  Your “Brand” is everything that comes to mind when people think about your business.  Twitter allows you the power to not only introduce your business to your customers but to update them with current and relevant information anytime and anywhere.  Remember, nearly half of twitter subscribers are using twitter on their smartphone, so you have access to them no matter where they are!  This engagement builds brand loyalty. Brand loyalty helps your business grow; that simple! #Branding


Twitter can provide your business with a wealth of information.  Information about your customers; what they like, dislike, and what’s popular right now.  Twitter can also provide information about your own business;

  • what are your customers saying about you?
  • are they happy with your product or service?
  • are there other things they want from you?
  • are they engaged with your business?
  • do they retweet you?

You can even look at your competitors and see what they are doing.  Twitter is an easy way to understand your competition and their social media tactics.  What specials are they running? Do their customers seem to respond? Is this something you should try?  Twitter provides a way for your business to instantly understand the pulse of your target audience and then use that information to grow your business.  #Info

So if your business does not have a twitter account, or you are not using it to its full potential then every one of your competitors has a distinct and powerful advantage of you.  Time to act! Click here to start your twitter account.

If you still aren’t sure if twitter is right for you, or still have questions about how twitter works and how to use it for your small business, just email us here at SLK Consulting and we will be glad to help you!




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