How to Put Your Cover Photo to Work

6 Tips to Make Sure Your Facebook Cover Photo is Doing Work for Your Business!

Facebook is the still the most influential social media platform out there.  Recent changes to the way Facebook lets your fans see what you post from your business page make it more important now than ever to make that great first impression.  The first visual experience your customers have with your page is the gateway to creating the engagement your business needs to be successful in the social media world. So where do you start to quickly capture your audience from a visual perspective? The Cover Photo!

When a potential customer hits your page, this will be the first thing to catch their attention.  Your cover photo needs to brand your business while engaging your audience.  You can use it to inform your potential clients of the core benefits of your business,  call them to action, promote traffic to your website, and keep them apprised of upcoming events.  Here are a few basic tips things to keep in mind when choosing a cover photo.

Size Does Matter

Facebook cover photo sizing guide

Here is a handy guide from Facebook giving you the sizing (in pixels) for a cover photo, profile picture and what area the profile picture will cover.    Using the proper sizing can keep your images from become blurring and turning off your potential customers.


Remember, viewers will naturally be drawn to the bottom left of the cover photo so it is usual a good idea to right alight text and other items to help balance out the overall appearance of your cover photo.  Cluttering your image, crowing one side, or just not balancing your photo is a quick way to turn off your potential customers.  Sometimes simple is better, like this one from GaRry Bajaj


Tying things together

Here are a couple of very good examples of how to incorporate your profile picture into your cover photo create a clever and appealing image.

From a previous Michael Florence cover photo…

Michael FLorance Cover

This one from Arosteguy Herve

Arosteguy Herve Cover

Both of these demonstrate just how effective this type of integrated profile picture can be for your Facebook page.  Engaging them, and grabbing their attention is the first step in driving traffic to your business.


Call to Action

SLK Call to Action

If you want things to happen, sometimes all you have to do is ask!  Facebook has lifted it’s previous ban on calls to action in cover photos, yet very few are taking advantage of this.  While Facebook will currently only let you upload image files (no URLs) as cover photos, it will now let a visitor to your page click that photo and access the description you give it.  In the description you can add links to websites, email addresses and any other sort of information you need to drive traffic for your business.  This is ideal for selling tickets to events, linking to webpages for product sales, and redirecting traffic via a Facebook fan page.  It is even more beneficial when that click sends a user to a splash page allowing you to track just how much traffic your Facebook page is able to get for your business.

Photo Quality

The rapid improvement in smart phone camera technology may create the illusion that everyone can take National Geographic quality photos, the truth is that its still the person behind the camera that makes the shot happen.  If you aren’t savvy when it comes lighting, angles, backgrounds etc etc, then you might want to enlist the help of an actual professional.  You may be surprised and just how creative you can make your cover photos look with just a little help from a photographer.

Use Your Words

If your potential customers cant tell EXACTLY what you’re about, or what your business does from just a photo, then add some words!  Facebook has also changed its 20% text only rule and now allows for more text in your cover photos.  Your cover photo is an enormous branding opportunity so take full advantage of it, even of that means using text in you cover photo. Just don’t over do it.


Still have questions? Want to know more? We are here to help!






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