Collection of #TuesdayTips

SLK Consulting PostITA Collection of #TuesdayTips

Each Tuesday the team at SLK Consulting posts a quick and handy tip to help our followers improve their social media presence.  Here is a collection of some of our recent tips.  Enjoy, and check in on Facebook every Tuesday for more handy tips to improve your social media.

Pictures really are worth 1000 words!

Professional photographers can make a world of difference. Branding your company often means making the investment to have professional quality images represent your brand.  This includes building a stockpile of usable content photos, behind the scene shots, company events, and product photographs.  Quality photos can help to set your brand apart, improve the value perception of your social media marketing, and quickly grab the attention of potential customers. Shop around, and this investment can be well worth it! Better yet, find a social media marketing group that has one on staff!

Follow Back!

Twitter is not a one way street. Help grow your Twitter audience by following those who follow you. This mutual respect will also help increase retweets and engagement.  Building this relationship with Twitter followers just help you increase your company’s reach and exposure.

Police Yourself!

One of the easiest ways for you to lose credibility is to misspell words or use improper grammar. Check, double-check, recheck, and ask for someone else to check your work. Do whatever it takes to make sure your work is well written and without error.

Fill in the blanks!

No matter what the social outlet is, make sure it is complete and up to date. Make sure you don’t overlook even the smallest of details in each and every profile. Things like this are a reflection of your business and can be a turn off to your customers.

It’s not personal!

Your business site is not the same as your personal site, DO NOT FORGET THAT!  Keep a fun and friendly tone, but keep it professional. Skip the arguments, bad jokes, and inappropriate comments.


Social Media deals in a fast paced world with a very short attention span. Images, pictures, and videos are the best way to attract your potential customer’s attention in a highly competitive social media world.  Use them, but make sure they are high quality, professional, and represent your business.



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