Tis the Season; Social Media Style

Social Media for the HolidaysThe holiday season is now in full swing. Decorations are up, temperatures are dropping, office parties are happening, and families are about to gather.  For those in the social media world this time of year means facing some difficult challenges and a chance to capitalize on new opportunities.  Here are some things to keep in mind this season.

Adjust your Calendar

If you aren’t using a social media calendar then now is the perfect time to start. If you are, then pay special attention to that calendar around the holidays. You will most likely need to change the time and/or frequency of your posts depending on your particular business.  If you are in the retail or restaurant world then you already know the mad rush this time of year brings to reach customers.  Know when the best time is to reach your potential customers and utilize it. You may need to look at increasing the frequency of your posts or tweets to ensure your message isn’t drowned out in a tidal wave of increased chatter.  For others this is the perfect time of year to run promotions and drive traffic for your business. Finally, for some, this period offers a small window for you to “unplug” and enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle of social media. No matter which category you fall into this season, take full advantage of it!

Give Back

The holiday season tends to spark the need to “give back” in many people.  This provides an ideal opportunity for your business to do the same.  Think about customer appreciation giveaways and specials to reward your customers for their loyalty, and for keeping you in business!

Have Fun! Let your fans and followers do the same

Not only is this a great time to give back to your fans, it’s also a fantastic time to show them your lighter side.  Connect with your followers with behind the scenes looks, staff holiday photos and outings, and fun videos.  Have fun with your profile pictures and cover photos as well.  Keeping these current shows your fans, followers, and potential customers that you are timely and relevant.  It also helps your business connect on a more personal level.

Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

The holiday season also marks the end of the year.  Take the time to look back on your social media endeavors. What worked? What didn’t? Put the effort in and create a report to consolidate this information.  Include the increase in followers for your social media streams, the posts that received the most engagement (Likes, shares, comments), tweets that were retweet and liked most often, which campaigns drove the most traffic to your website, etc.  No matter what platform you use for analytics make sure to include that data as well.  Use this information to help plan your attack for next year.  This is also a great time to look back over the year and see who has been influential in the world of social media and who you want to follow and learn from moving forward.  I recommend researching a few on this list.


This is perfect time to use the automated features of most social media sites and platforms.  Even if this is the busiest part of the year for your business, utilizes these features to carve out at least a small chunk of time to spend enjoying the holidays and the end of the year!  Burning yourself out will have you starting off the New Year on the wrong foot.



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