Should You Hire A Social Media Manager?

SLK social media marketing manager While successful small business owners strive to be experts at their craft, they also tend to be versed in almost all other aspects of business.  One common trait of many of these small business owners and entrepreneurs is their versatility.  They understand finance, marketing, payroll, customer relations, advertising, logistics, public relations, and many other skills.   This versatility lends some to question whether or not they need to enlist the help of others in their social media marketing. The question “Why pay someone to do something that I can do myself?”
often pops up with these go-getters. So why not? Why can’t you handle your own social media marketing like you handle the other aspects of your business? The question isn’t CAN you handle your own social media marketing but rather, SHOULD you handle your own social media marketing.  Of course you can do it, and with a lot time and effort, do it well.  Like most aspects of the business world, this is a question of balance.

  • Do you have the time, the knowledge, and the skill set to be SUCCESSFUL at it, while not sacrificing the other aspects of your business?
  • Can you be objective with regard to your business and the most effective ways to reach and engage with your audience?
  • Do you have the time to stay current with the rapidly changing social media environment?
  • Can you continue to effectively target and engage those consumers most interested in your business?

These are the questions that are important for a business owner to ask themselves when determining how to handle their social media.  As every small business owner knows there are two things that they always strive to have more of, time and money.  Every aspect is a balancing act between these two needs and social media is no different. When looking into hiring out a social media manager it is important to look beyond the initial cost to hire out, and look into the total value that having an experienced and savvy social media marketing manager bring to your business.

So what does a professional social media manager bring to your business?

Competitive edge over your Competition

In our fast paced and tech-savvy world it is an expectation that a business, even a small one, has a social media presence.  That means your competition has one and yours needs to be better. Having a marketing professional gives you that edge.  A professional social media manager keeps your pages attractive and top of mind.  The worst social media mistake for your business is to not keep a consistent presence.  You are better off not using a social media platform at all if it is not consistently maintained. Having a professional ensures that your competitors are always trying to play catch-up.

Ear to the ground

Seasoned social media experts can also help your business stay constantly connected with your audience.  They can help you grow your business by giving you timely feedback from your consumers.  Professionals also let you know what your competition is up to and if its working for them.

Consistent evaluation and evolution

Trends in the social media world are rapidly changing.  It is important that your social media be able to adapt and stay current.  Having a good social media professional keeps your business in the forefront of these changing aspects of social media.  A savvy social media manager keeps you up to speed with new social platforms, tools, strategies, and analysis.

Building brand recognition

Having a strong social media presence provides the idea platform to help increase your brand’s recognition. Having a professional on your team can streamline the branding of your business and make sure it is uniform and delivered effectively to your target audience.  Professionals will keep a consistent voice and tone to your message, unify social media networks to increase reach, and provide a roadmap for your business to employ its content strategy.

More Likes does not mean better social media

One very important advantage that an established social media professional can give your business is the value of content they can provide.  They know that the greatest benefit of social media isn’t how many followers or likes you have, but the engagement that you can drive with your followers.  Professionals can help you gain insight as to how often to reach out to your customers, through which means, and at what specific times.  This information is vital to increasing engagement and can be overwhelming without the experience that comes with being a professional social media manager.


The most valuable asset of any small business owner, this is also the most beneficial piece that hiring a good social media manager can deliver.  Consistently keeping up with social media sites, developing content strategies, managing comments, and staying engaged can be extremely time-consuming and even overwhelming.  Add to this the demands of staying current with an ever-changing social media current as well as trends and upgrading social media platforms. Moving forward, the question isn’t should you hire a social media manager, but rather, WHICH social media manager is best for your business?     If you need help finding the right fit for your business we will be glad to sit down with you for a free consultation. Signature

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