People in your Social Media Marketing

SLK Consulting & Social Media Marketing The most valuable asset of any business is its people.  Translating that asset into something that fits with your social media marketing plan can be a bit tricky.  The upside of incorporating the human factor into your marketing can be well worth the effort. Here are some tips on how to utilize your people in your social media marketing.

Behind the Scenes

Photos, videos, and stories of what happens behind the scenes of your business are a great way to help your brand connect. Letting your audience and potential customers get a peek at what makes your business work is a great way to help them relate to your business and your team on a more personal level. It should go without saying that these types of peeks into the interworkings of your business should be monitored closely. Be careful not to expose confidential information, trade secrets, or anything else that might compromise your business!

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Off Duty

Just like behind the scenes shots, posting photos and videos of your company outside of work hours can be another great way to help your brand connect. Photos of the company softball game, videos of the staff at a team building ropes course, or shots of the crew volunteering can all create very high engagement.  These types of social posts also help foster trust with your brand.  Your business is humanized with these types of posts, and they help make a powerful connection. I should point out that sharing these aspects should come with a disclaimer, not all outside of work activities should be served up for public consumption!

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Meet the Team

There is no better way to help build a connection between your business and your consumers that allowing them to meet the team involved.  Their backgrounds, experiences, hobbies, even college affiliations are a very powerful way to turn your company into a group of people with whom your customer base can relate.

Added Benefits

Involving your team in your social media strategy doesn’t just help brand your business, it also helps your team feel valued. This also encourages them to want to help your business grow.  When they are a part of the social media campaign they are far more likely to spread the word and help your business connect with its customer base.  A team that is envolved quickly leads to customers that are envolved!

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Don’t forget your customers

You want to connect with your customers, enlist their help! Using them in posts, asking their opinions on Facebook and Twitter, tagging themselves in photos, and using your hashtags are all great ways to help increase engagement. This rapidly turns into a deep seeded trust and personal connection with your business.  This trust turns into traffic!

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